Burgoyne Bay, Salt Spring Island


The weather this past weekend was absolutely amazing! Summer has arrived!! And it hardly even feels like we had much of a winter.. oh, how lucky we are here on the west coast! ๐Ÿ™‚

Chris and I got to escape our island for an afternoon and head on over to Salt Spring Island.. which I haven’t had much of a chance to explore yet, so I’m always keen on going hiking there. We hiked a small part of Burgoyne Bay, and went partway up the backside of Mount Maxwell, where many years ago, pieces of the mountain fell and are now scattered about the forest. These boulders range in size from car to even house-sized. I love nature! (Which reminds me, Happy Earth Day!!)

Mike Edel with Towers and Trees


I saw Mike Edel perform a set in the beautiful Big Fish Lodge during Song and Surf this year. After being hypnotized by his west coast tunes, with a stunning beach backdrop, I proceeded to purchase his album on CD (also, you got a free drink ticket with purchase of CD.. thanks, Mike!). Anyways, that CD has been playing in my car ever since. So as you can imagine, I was thrilled to hear that he would be playing a show in Victoria as part of his album release tour for his album which will be coming out on April 14th. Along with Mike Edel, was another one of my favourite local bands – Towers and Trees. This show was so epically popular, that it sold out quickly and a second night was added! I was pleasantly surprised with how awesome of a venue The Roxy Theatre is.. and as always, I was blown away by all performances. Here’s some photos from the first show, on April 10th.

Hey Rosetta! and Stars


Stars has been one of my favourite bands for a long time now, and even though I’ve seen them perform a couple times over the past few years, I hadn’t gotten the chance to photograph them until this past Sunday. Stars put on an amazing show (as usual) and I was very excited to see Hey Rosetta! opening for them. Here’s a few shots of the show at the Royal Theatre.
IMG_3399 IMG_3402 IMG_3403 IMG_3404 IMG_3408 IMG_3409 IMG_3415 IMG_3422 IMG_3441 IMG_3447 IMG_3458 IMG_8002 IMG_8004 IMG_8009 IMG_8044 IMG_8064 IMG_8066 IMG_8069 IMG_8071 IMG_8075 IMG_8086 IMG_8090 IMG_8092

Song and Surf 2015


From the creators of Tall Tree Music Festival, comes a music festival to cure your winter blues. This was a truly magical weekend located in the amazing community of Port Renfrew. As I have said before, Port Renfrew is definitely one of my favourite places on Vancouver Island. This rainy Song and Surf weekend was anything but dreary, and I can’t wait to see all of my new festival friends again at Tall Tree in just a few months!

A music festival to cure the winter blues.

Iceland : Part 1


Iceland has undoubtedly become my favourite place in the world.ย This is Iceland through my lens, Part 1 of 2.

Chris and Heather go Iceland.


Iceland was.. mystical, magical, beautiful, amazing, every other good adjective out there. I brought enough instant film for my Instax to do a little photo series of Chris – I took one photo of him a day, in the late afternoon, portraying where we were or what we were doing at the time. Here’s one moment a day, depicting a small portion of a huge adventure.

Day 1: Vancouver airport. A little drunk, and a lot excited.

Day 2: Wandering around Reykjavik. Very Tired. Still very excited. Chris rocking his Canadian tuxedo.

Day 3: Chuck Norris Grill. Chris pretending to be Chuck Norris.

Day 4: First day of our road trip/camping trip. This is our camper. And the open road.

Day 5: We found icebergs at Jรถkulsรกrlรณn. One of the coolest things ever. Chris is whipping his mullet back and forth.

Day 6: An unreal view from a mountain top somewhere south ofย Egilsstaรฐir.

Day 7: On the “moon”, as we called it. A desolate, cold place. I said “smile” and Chris said, “I can’t, I’m too cold”. A few hours after this photo was taken, we watched the northern lights dance across the sky. The cold was worth it.

Day 8: Goรฐafoss, “waterfall of the gods”. Chris says the small little waterfall in the middle looks like it’s peeing. What?

Day 9: Camping spot near Grenivik . It was actually sunny this day. So we drank a lot of beer and explored random hobbit holes in the side of the mountain.

Day 10:ย Skagastrรถnd. It had rained all day. The sun came out just on time for us to find a camping spot. Chris is pondering.

Day 11: Drangsnes, or as Chris says, “Dragon’s Nest”. Hot pots with geothermal water beside the ocean. We had them all to ourselves. As I assume most people do, since the town consists of about three houses.

Day 12: A long day of driving. Took a break to hike up to a waterfall. Chris took off his clothes and looked into the valley below.

Day 13: Dynjandi. A super rad waterfall. Chris took off his clothes again.

Day 14: This was a day. A long day. A rainy day. A day full of driving.

Day 15: Lave fields, and huge waves. I was obsessed with the lava fields, Chris was obsessed with the waves.

Day 16:ย รžingvellir National Park. Things start to get weird when you’re camping for two weeks in a pretty much non-inhabited country. Things like puppet shows and plenty of hand stands ensue.

Day 17: That’s a geysir. Chris held that pose for quite a while waiting for that darn water to shoot out of the ground.

Day 18: Oh, Day 18. Stress galore due to a slight mistake in booking the wrong dates for our hotel room. But we did EVENTUALLY find a place to stay. When we got there, Chris modelled his new Icelandic sweater.

Day 19: Last day in Reykjavik. The mullet blows in the wind near the ocean.

Day 20: The blue lagoon. A magnificent place.

Day 21: The trip home.